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I am an attorney with 25 years’ experience. My specialty is estate planning and elder law. including the complexities of interfamilial and intergenerational ties as well as preparing enduring powers of attorney, wills and trusts.

We work very hard to accumulate our wealth, and we deserve to decide who benefits, and how, from our hard-earned assets.  We have earned the right to self-determination and the ability to age with dignity. There are various legal tools that can help us accomplish our goals, which include an Enduring Power of Attorney and Advance Medical Directives. 

I am trained and have experience in U.S. and Israeli Tax Law, allowing me to view in totality complex estate matters involving dual citizenship. This includes US gift planning, alternative tax efficient investment vehicles and creation of international trusts, while considering each client's particular and complex needs.

I am a member of the Global Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and I lecture  regularly on the importance of Estate Planning and Enduring Power of Attorney. I write a column on the relationship between children and their adult parents on various Hebrew news sites and a blog in the Times of Israel.  I strongly believe in the wisdom of our elders and their contribution to the community, and on my Facebook Business Page I have a variety of complementary value added videos of professionals that work with and empower senior citizens.

On a personal note- I am a mother of three, addicted to dark chocolate and to running.  

I try and live my life implementing my favorite quote -“The Secret to Living is Giving” (Tony Robbins).

Some Technical Details


  • 1995-Bar Ilan University (LL.B., (Cum Laude)) 

  • 2004-Mediation Course, National Institute for Mediation, the Israel Bar Association 

  • 2015-Diploma in International Trusts Management by the University of Manchester, UK, in conjunction with Tel Aviv University

  • 2018- Diploma by the Administrator General in conjunction with the Israel Bar Association and the Department of Justice 

  • 2023- Member of the Israel Gerontological Society 


  • Israeli Bar Association since 1996 

  • Israel Bar Association, Tax Section
    Israel Bar Association, Women's Rights

  • Authorized to represent clients before the IRS since 2011

  • Member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) since 2016

  • Certified to prepare Enduring Powers of Attorney and other related services since 2018.

  • Gerontologist since 2023


Hebrew and English 

Our Focus

Wills & Estate Planning 

(including combined US & IL estate issues)

Enduring Power of Attorney


Why choose Mirit Hoffman Law Office?

My priority is making sure you get all the information you need in order to make the choice that is right for you. 

I am passionate about resolving your legal issue in an efficient and comprehensive manner.

​I keep you involved in your case, updated, and at the very center of attention. 

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